Seminar: Non-Volatile Memory Technologies


Memory is a crucial part of any computing system. Any improvement in the memory subsystem leads to a direct impact on the power, performance and cost of the entire computer system. Conventional memory technologies (such as SRAM and DRAM) are exploited widely in the various memory hierarchies.  However, with technology advancement, these conventional memory technologies are facing severe challenges in terms of reliability and power consumption. Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technologies, which were primarily used to replace secondary storage, now are being considered for primary on-chip memory. There is a huge demand for reliable and low leakage NVM technologies as a replacement for the conventional memory technologies in the next generation of computer systems for normally-off instant-on computing.

The objective of this seminar is to become familiar with the structure and challenges for the state of the art NVM memory technologies such as Flash, PCM, STTM-RAM, and R-RAM.  This seminar overviews how the next generation of computer systems can benefit from NVMs in various architectural levels, and provide a base for research in NVM computation. Prospective students can choose specific topic from a wide variety of NVM technologies and their application in different levels of system hierarchy based on their interests and background.