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The research at CDNC is supported by various national and international research funding agencies, including German Research Foundation (DFG), European Commission, Helmholtz associationSemiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), and Baden-Wuerttmberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art (MWK).


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Research Areas

The overall research activity at CDNC focuses on design and evaluation of robust systems using various nanotechnologies.

Our research projects are structured, in the following themes:

- Emerging Spintronic non-volatile memory technologies

  • Design and evaluation of various flavors of spintronic memories, from device to system architecture
  • Low power and high performance sprintronic memory design
  • Test, reliability, and security aspects

- Dependable Computing at nano scale

  • Defect and fault tolerant computing
  • Soft error reliability modeling and mitigation
  • Testing aspects of computer systems, test generation algorithms and design for testability
  • Reconfigurable computing
  • Variation and noise modeling and mitigation in EDA flow
  • Three-dimensional integration (3D-ICs)
  • Near-Threshold Computing

- Printed Electronics

  • Design, fabrication, and modeling of printed electronics and printed systems using inorganic and hybrid printing technologies
  • Process Design Kit (PDK) for printed electronics
  • Modeling and analysis of active and passive components
  • Design Automation for printed electronics
  • Reliability issues in printed electronics