FPGA Programming


This lab emphasizes on the practical aspects of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). In the beginning, a short background discussion of FPGAs is given, followed by a tutorial on the workflow of configuring and programming an FPGA. This lab includes FPGA design using schematic layouts as well as several example of VHDL/Verilog programming to implement some sample digital circuits. Students will be exposed to the processes used to design and simulate FPGAs as well as compile their design and see it run on an actual FPGA. The lab is designed around the DE2-115 prototyping board, which provides  a programmer, program memory, and array of switches, buttons, LEDs, an LCD, and several I/O ports.
Language: English
For Bachelor/Master Student


Since the number of seats is limited, a registration for this laboratory is necessary. Please register under cdnc'∂'itec.kit.edu E-Mail address. Please provide your full name, Matrikelnummer, your program of study and the lab title. Deadline: 7.11.2014