PhD Forum Award for Rajendra Bishnoi at DATE'16

Second from left: Rajendra Bishnoi

Non-volatile magnetic memories based on spintronics are a very promising solution to overcome the challenges of state-of-the-art memory technologies such as SRAM or DRAM employed in all modern computing systems. Due to their non-volatile nature, spintronic memories allow to power-down the system in idle phases and by that means help to reduce the static power consumption of computing systems. Moreover, they offer a better density than SRAM and have similar performance characteristics.  However, to employ these spintronic memories in different levels of the memory hierarchy from ultra-fast flip-flops all the way down to very large caches, various roadblocks exist. The work of Rajendra Bishnoi has the objective to eliminate these roadblocks by improving the reliability, fault-tolerance and energy efficiency of spintronic memories.


Staff Page: M.Sc. Eng. Rajendra Bishnoi

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