Dependable Computing

Notes Reliability plays a major part in design of contemporary and next generation electronics. In many safety-critical application domains, reliability is considered as the main design criteria. With nanoscale technologies, the reliability of individual devices is decreasing, therefore reliable computing must be considered in the design flow in order to ensure correctness of computing.

The objective of this seminar is to become familiar with general and state of the art techniques used in design and analysis of fault-tolerant digital systems. This seminar overviews reliable (fault-tolerant) computing and the design and evaluation of dependable systems, and provides a base for research in reliable systems.

The topics include study and investigation of existing and classical fault-tolerant systems as well as current trend in the research of reliable computing. Since reliability spans from hardware to software, and from device-level to system-level, various topics can be envisioned in the scope of this seminar and the prospective students can choose specific topic from a wide range of areas based on their interests and background.