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Digital Design and Test Automation Flow

Digital Design and Test Automation Flow
type: laboratory
chair: Fakultät für Informatik
semester: summer semester 2011

SR31 Technologiefabrik



start: 12.04.2011
sws: 4
ects: 4

1st meeting: 14.04.2011, 14:30 (SR31 Technologiefabrik)


Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is behind all novel electronic systems that we use in our daily lives, such as iPod, smartphones, laptops, TVs, digital cameras, etc. With the complexity of these systems, all steps in the design and verification phases are done automatically with the help of EDA tools. 

The objective of this lab is to have a hands-on practice on major steps in digital design and test automation flow, from system-level specification to physical design and verification, using industrial EDA toolsets which are predominantly used in the industry and academia. The students will work on some sample designs and go through all major design and test steps, one by one, in different sessions of the lab. So, by the end of this lab, they become familiar with the steps and tool chain in the digital design and test automation flow. The topics include system-level specification and simulation; high-level synthesis; logic-level synthesis and simulation; design for testability; test pattern generation and fault simulation; physical design and verification; timing analysis and closure; area, delay, and power estimation and analysis.


Important Information:

Since the number of seats is limited, a registration for this laboratory is necessary. Please register under the following EMail adress:


Please provide your full name, Matrikelnummer and your program of study. The registration is open until 18.04.2011 12:00.