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Master Thesis: Near Threshold Computing

Master Thesis: Near Threshold Computing

Chair of Dependable Nano Computing (CDNC)


M.Sc. Eng. Mohammad Saber Golanbari


By technology down-scaling deep into nano-meter scale, huge energy and power dissipation have become an important challenge for designers today. To reduce the power and energy dissipation one solution is aggressive voltage scaling. Near threshold computing (NTC) is a design space where the supply voltage is approximately equal to the threshold voltage of transistor. It is proven that NTC is very efficient way to decrease the energy consumption specially for the applications in which the energy is very important such as health care. Although the NTC is efficient in terms of energy, it suffers from performance loss, increased performance variation and increased functional failures. The object of this work is to analyze the reliability of the chips working with near threshold supply voltage.

What you learn

  • You become familiar with NTC.
  • You become familiar with chip design flow.
  • You have the opportunity to learn useful industrial tools which is very important for you as a computer/electrical engineer to get a job after graduation: synthesis tools, timing/power analysis tools.


  • Skills of depicting plots (MATLAB or GNUPLOT or ...)


  • Please prepare your curriculum vitae and list of the learned courses before.